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Growing in the tropics with around 1,000 species, this self-supporting plant is part of the Ginger family. Most have forked underground stems and grow up to 20' in height. Thier alternating leaves have a sheath that creates a pseudo stem. Zingiberaceae also has essential oils in their tissues which can be used to make perfume. Many species are used as ornalmental plants, spices, and even for medicinal purposes.


This listing is a basic guideline to go by. Our availability is constantly changing. Should you need anything, please call us directly to check on the latest availability as well as prices.

Alpinia var. ginger
Costus barbatus
Curcuma rubescens - Scarlet Fever
Heliconia bihai 'Arawak'
Heliconia bihai 'Big Red'
Heliconia bihai 'Kamehameba'
Heliconia bihai 'Sunrise'
Heliconia jacquinii
Heliconia 'Kawachi'
Heliconia orthotricha 'Imperial'
Heliconia Pedro Ortiz
Heliconia psittacorum
Heliconia Rouliiane
Heliconia 'Yellow Gyro'

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