Who We Are

Redland Nursery and its affiliated entities are nearly 400 acres of tropical plants and trees growing in the heart of South Florida since 1971.  Our operations consist of shadehouses, certified raised benches, full sun growing areas, and tree farms.  Our team specializes in being able to deliver the world over whenever possible, in the handling of logistical planning and export needs.  This is especially true when it comes to our many customers throughout the NorthEast USA and dozens of Caribbean islands.  Over our 50+ year lifetime, we’ve grown well over 3,000 species of different plants with a heavy focus on Palms, Cycads, Aroids, Foliage, and large landscape trees.  Our passion for unique, exotic plant material, has pushed us into other plant types as well like Ferns, Succulents, Flowering Trees and Shrubs, and Bamboo.  Due to the diversity in what we grow, we have a diverse customer base as well, consisting of other nurseries, rare plant collectors, hotels, boutique garden centers, landscapers, restaurants, botanical gardens, zoos, theme parks, and everything in between.  We have always taken pride in the level of service we deliver to our customers by trying to fulfill their needs in assisting with their orders whether that be with us serving them as a Grower, Locator, Designer, Exporter, Consolidator or all of the above. 


Redland Nursery was founded by John DeMott and wife Carolyn in 1971.  The nursery began as primarily a wholesale operator serving the needs of the South Florida nursery industry through seed production, air layers, and large-scale liner growing, which we continue to this day.  As time went on, Redland would sometimes buy back a lot of these previously sold plants to then supply to its growing customer base of restaurants, landscapers, etc. leading to its previous slogan, Our Suppliers Are Our Best Customers!  John’s brother Ray joined the company in the early 1980’s as its Vice President and cemented Redland as the family company it remains today.  Over the decades, Redland cultivated (pun intended) relationships throughout the world to secure seeds, rare plants, and logistical expertise, in becoming a preeminent nursery operator on the global stage.  John’s passion for the rare and unusual plant and his lifetime memberships, board positions, and support with numerous plant societies (International Palm Society, Florida Native Plant Society, International Aroid Society, to name a just a few) led to Redland amassing quite the collection of plants fueling its in house production of cuttings, air layers, and seed, to this very day.  Sadly, John passed away in November, 2018 after a lifetime of plant intrigue and ingenuity.  Thankfully his mission lives on through his children, Jeffrey and Jenifer, who joined the family business in 2009.  Son-in law Reese also joined soon after and today Jeffrey and Reese serve Redland as its President and Vice President, respectfully, continuing John’s passion of Spreading the Germplasm, as he would often say, in supplying unique plant material throughout the world.