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Our decades of experience have taught us the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as one of the most diverse and successful growers in South Florida.  We take pride in the diversity of the plant material we grow and rare species we have developed a passion for collecting and cultivating over the years.  Our operations consist of shadehouses, certified raised benches, full sun growing areas, and tree farms.  Having such a myriad of growing systems in place, we are also pleased to offer contract growing as needed, requested, and arranged.


If we don’t grow what you’re looking for, we specialize in locating it for you.  Often, we will try and arrange a suitable substitute to meet the needs of your objectives for your project, whether that be a hedge of palms a particular height, or a rare sweeping tropical palm.  If our recommendation doesn’t suit your needs, we pride ourselves in being able to locate that exact look, or rare plant you are looking for and have developed relationships throughout the world that can help us deliver on that goal.  Our sources include some of the best plant researchers, biologists, and explorers whose sole responsibility is in identifying and locating rare plants.  Some of these sources have even ‘re-discovered’ species thought to be extinct!


Redland Nursery has worked with some of the pre-eminent landscape designers found throughout the world.  Indeed, some have become Redland’s best customers over the years in landscaping their own private homes and their clients’.  Being so passionate about plants, means we take a lot of pleasure in assisting our customers in the design of their overall project with or without their own individual designer or landscape architect.  We find that many times a customer has an idea of what they are looking for but unsure of what plants and trees to utilize.  Our decades of experience has taught us ways of fulfilling these needs, suggesting the right plant/tree for the job/objective in different environmental conditions to give the customer a lasting look they can be proud of.


A large portion of our plant inventory is certified and in compliance to be shipped throughout the United States and indeed, the world, as we keep up with ever changing rules and regulations issued by independent States and Countries.  We work closely with government inspectors and freight forwarders on both sides to ensure a smooth exportation process when shipping plant material as the amount of paperwork and logistics involved can be quite overwhelming to the average customer.  We regularly export throughout the Caribbean, including the US and British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and several other islands.  Once an order is finalized, we then get to work on advising and procuring the necessary documentation (Import Permits, Phytosanitary, etc.) for a smooth shipping process from loading to delivery so you can focus on the project at hand.


We’ve learned over the years our customers appreciate our stream-lined processes by where we work with them on their projects throughout the planning stages until delivery.  One bill of lading and one invoice makes the ordering and shipping process easier for all involved.  Too many times customers grow frustrated on trying to source plant material and hardgoods from several suppliers leading to overwhelming paperwork and confusion.  We regularly consolidate our customers’ orders in arranging local South Florida pickups and deliveries as necessary to assist in the loading of a container and/or shipment.  By consolidating, what could easily be dozens of, invoices and bill of ladings into one from Redland Nursery, you are ensuring a smooth process for the rest of your team or organization when it comes time for billing, accounting, logistics, etc.